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u372 IB2-305 unidentified corallimorph, Discosoma sp
Discosoma sp.

u373 FM2-319 probably undetermined corallimorph, family discosomatidae 2
family discosomatidae

u374 EMA-212 undetermined corallimorph 1

u375 BONb-113 undetermined Corallimorph

u376 IB3-046_Discosoma_sp.,_undetermined_corallimorph
Discosoma sp.

u377 IB3-287_maybe_Discosoma_sp.,_undetermined_corallimorph
maybe Discosoma sp.

u378 FCA-32 unidentified coral
unidentified coral

u379 FMI-157 unidentified hard coral
unidentified hard coral

u380 IGI-47 Mushroom coral, Fungia fungites
Fungia fungites

u381 IGI-100 unidentified wire coral, Cirrhipathes species
Cirrhipathes species

u382 IBA-221 waarschijnlijk Carrot leather coral, Paraminabea sp
Paraminabea sp.

u383 IBA-333 unidentified hard coral
unidentified hard coral

u384 IAM-010 hard coral, unidentified Symphyllia spl
Symphyllia sp.

u385 IAM-313 unidentified Dendrophyllia sp
Dendrophyllia sp.

u386 IAM-364 unidentified hard coral, probably family Dendrophylliidae
probably family Dendrophylliidae

u387 IHW-114 unidentified hard coral
unidentified hard coral

u388 IHW-115 unidentified Plexauridae
unidentified Plexauridae

u389 IHW-133 unidentified soft coral, maybe Studeriotes sp
maybe Studeriotes sp.

u390 IHW-140 unidentified hard coral, Platygyra sp
Platygyra sp.

u391 IHW-159 unidentified coral, maybe dendrophylliidae
maybe Dendrophylliidae

u392 IHW-183 unidentified Acropora sp
Acropora sp.

u393 IHW-209 unidentified brain coral
unidentified brain coral

u394 IHW-265 unidentified soft coral
unidentified soft coral

u395 IB2-114 unidentified  coral
unidentified coral

u396 IB2-013 unidentified mushroom coral, Fungia sp
Fungia sp.

u397 IB2-185 unidentified gorgonian, family Melithaeidae
family Melithaeidae

u398 IB2-262 unidentified Plexauridae
unidentified Plexauridae

u399 IB2-301 unidentified coral, family Acroporidae
family Acroporidae

u400 IB2-338 unidentified stony coral, Turbinaria sp
Turbinaria sp.

u401 FNE-099 undetermined, order Gorgonaria
order Gorgonaria

u402 FNE-100 undetermined stony coral 2
undetermined stony coral

u403 FNE-103 undetermined Acropora sp
Acropora sp.

u404 FNE-202 undetermined stony coral
undetermined stony coral

u405 FM2-131 undetermined, probably a stony coral
probably a stony coral

u406 FM2-156 undetermined hard coral, familie Agariciidae
familie Agariciidae

u407 FM2-252 undetermined coral
undetermined coral

u408 EMA-134 undetermined stony coral 1
undetermined stony coral

u409 EMA-143 undetermined stony coral 2
undetermined stony coral

u410 EMA-223 undetermined stony coral 1
undetermined stony coral

u411 EMA-244 undetermined Acropora sp
Acropora sp.

u412 EMA-246 undetermined coral
undetermined coral

u413 BON-023 undetermined brain coral in the Caribbean
undetermined brain coral

u414 BONb-121 undetermined stony coral
undetermined stony coral

u415 IH2b-105 undetermined stony coral, family Faviidae, probably Platygyra sp
probably Platygyra sp.

u416 IH2-047 undetermined sea fan, family Plexauridae
family Plexauridae

u417 IH2b-207 undetermined coral, Tubastrea sp
Tubastrea sp.

u418 IH2b-251 undetermined stony coral, Balanophyllia sp
Balanophyllia sp.

u419 IH2b-260 undetermined soft coral, Clavularia sp
Clavularia sp.

u420 IRAb-155 undetermined coral
undetermined coral

u421 IRAb-173 undetermined coral, maybe Cycloseris sp
maybe Cycloseris sp.

u422 IRAb-194 undetermined something
undetermined something

u423 IRAb-267 undetermined Gorgonian, Melithaea sp
Melithaea sp.

u424 IRAb-322 undetermined stony coral
undetermined stony coral

u425 IRAb-331 undetermined brain coral, Lobophyllia sp
Lobophyllia sp.

u426 IRAb-334 undetermined Octocoral, maybe family Tubiporidae
maybe family Tubiporidae

u427 FAN-059 Fungia sp, undetermined mushroom coral
Fungia sp.

u428 FAN-128 undetermined coral
undetermined coral

u429 FAN-208 Lobophyllia sp, undetermined brain coral
Lobophyllia sp.

u430 FAN-227 family Melithaeidae, undetermined Gorgonian sea fan
family Melithaeidae

u431 FAN-402 Pectinia sp, undetermined lettuce coral
Pectinia sp.

u432 IB3-148_undetermined_hard_coral
undetermined hard coral

u433 IB3-168_family_Dendrophylliidae,_undetermined_cup_coral
family Dendrophylliidae

u434 IRAb-337 undetermined Gorgonian, maybe Melithaea sp
maybe Melithaea sp.

u435 IB3-116_Veretillum_sp.,_undetermined_sea_pen

u436 IMI-268_undetermined_regenerating_coral
regenerating coral

u437 IMI-123_undetermined_gorgonian
undetermined gorgonian